About Me

Dan Emmerich

An assertive results driven professional.

I have over 29 years experience in the technology field developing and sourcing OEM, ODM
and licensed products. I am a Licensed Apple MFI Developer #C56-13-03110.

My experience includes working with hundreds of factories in all categories from China,
Taiwan, Korea, Viet Nam and Malaysia. They are all current relationships and ready to
manufacture your products, and eager to diversify their production capabilities.

I have developed products in the following categories:
Tablet/Mobile phone, computer and gaming accessories, Smart Home products, Wireless
Charging, Solar charging, Audio including TWS (True Wireless Stereo), Power Banks, Smart
Wearables, PC hardware, Cables, Connectivity, Networking, Multimedia, Digital Imaging, Surge,
Consumer Batteries, Automotive Accessories, Blank Recordable Media, Furniture, Radios and
Novelty Items.

My retail experience was managing a department store with a staff of 2 assistant store
managers, 6 department managers and 120 store associates.
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