As your consulting agency, we will work with you to choose the products and packaging that
maximize your shelf space, and get you the ROI you expect.

  • Go Direct, no more 3rd party, we will help you find and qualify the best factory, a partner
    overseas you can trust to manufacture your products, whether it is an exclusive design or
    an existing off the shelf design.

  • Packaging is almost as important as the product itself. Your package has to stand out and
    be noticed. It needs to attract customers, so they want to pick up the package. Text on the
    package depends on the product inside, and sometimes less is more. If you don't have a
    good graphics department, we will  provide an experienced and talented agency to work
    with you. We can develop the look and message that gives you the best presentation on
    the shelf.  

  • We are experienced in developing licensed products as well as negotiating for the

  • We will review and rewrite the manuals/user guides to make them accurate.

  • We will work with the factories to provide accurate lead times and minimum order

  • We will advise you regarding the best means of transportation, depending on the
    quantities and time to market of your products from origin to destination and getting them
    through customs when they arrive.

  • If you have a need for logistics, we will provide whatever help necessary to get you the
    best location to warehouse and ship your products.

  • We will train and mentor your sales and customer service staff.
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